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Will Monsanto Shareholders Vote to Label GMOs?

For years, Monsanto has bragged about its GMO seeds and crops. How they will feed the world. How they help farmers prosper. How they reduce the need for toxic pesticides and herbicides.

But proud as the Monsanto Big Wigs are of their products, they’ve fought—and paid millions—to keep from labeling them. Could shareholders force them to cede to consumer demand for labels? By passing a GMO Labeling Resolution? That’s what activists, and protesters, hope.

On January 28, when Monsanto shareholders gather in Creve Coeur, Mo., for their annual shareholders meeting, they will vote on a GMO Labeling resolution (which Monsanto has already recommended they not pass). Monsanto declined to provide streaming video of this year’s meeting. But unlike past years, they will stream audio. Just to make sure folks know about the resolution, activists with the GMO Free Midwest Coalition have called for the protests beginning at 12 noon on January 28 throughout the shareholder meeting. Everyone—activists, shareholders and even activist shareholders—are invited!

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