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[TIP] Recruit Personal Campaigners

When I first launched the Stop Minimizing Murder campaign we got a ton of petition signatures right off the bat. I remember excitedly refreshing the page every few hours to see the numbers climb higher towards our goal. 

But then after another week or so, the numbers began to stagnate. A few people would still share powerful stories on the campaign wall, but I just wasn’t seeing the same kind of momentum as when I first asked people to sign and spread the word.

That’s when I had the idea to appeal directly to my most active supporters - the people who continued to leave positive comments on the wall and who were inviting the most friends to join our campaign. 

A woman named Kelli had responded to a certain post of mine saying how important this petition is to her (she had also survived a domestic violence relationship) how could she get more involved and help get our message across to the Chicago Tribune? I clicked on her profile icon and sent her a direct message asking if she would launch a personal campaign to support the petition.

Since then, I’ve followed up with a few other passionate supporters asking them to “take the next step.” Here are some of the advantages of having personal campaigners supporting you that I’ve noticed so far:

  1. Attract a larger network of supporters. When each personal campaigner sends out invitations to their friends and family asking them to sign the petition, it grows our overall support base.
  2. Get supporters more personally invested in the campaign. Empowering the most active supporters to launch personal campaigns makes them more likely to take a greater interest in the campaign's success.
  3. Make the overall campaign more personal and engaging. When supporters create their personal campaign they are prompted to share their own unique story. Having multiple voices speaking up on behalf of this cause strengthens our overall campaign and makes in much more compelling.

I definitely recommend reaching out to your top supporters and asking them to launch personal campaigns, too!


Carissa Daniels is the reigning Ms. Washington Woman American Renaissance and works to end domestic violence using speaking, writing, acting, victim advocacy, and legislative action. She leads the Stop Violence Against Women Campaign on Causes. Check out their campaign urging The Chicago Tribune to stop minimizing murder.

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