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Lone Survivor

Hollywood hasn't changed...

Twenty years ago, I tried to push a movie script that I wrote about my experiences of living and serving (24/7) in a Vietnamese peasant-farming village, under the Marine Corps' Combined Action Program (CAP).

Because the story highlighted the bravery, kindness and friendship of 8 Americans living with 2,000 families, no one in Hollywood wanted to do the story. They said it glorified Americans in war.

I didn't write the script because I felt I was a hero.  Although, I served with many heroes.  Across the board, near 3 million American heroes served in Vietnam. 

 I wrote the script because of John Kerry.  It was not to honor him, but to highlight how he did his best to destroy the image of all Vietnam vets to the United States and the world.  Before television cameras and before Congress, John Kerry repeatedly called Vietnam veterans 'Baby-Killers and Village-Burners'. 

 Living in a peasant village, I know the day to day loyalty and true friendships between the Americans and Vietnamese.  If Hollywood did a story on the Combined Action Program (CAP), it would go against the image the Hollywood elite spent decades to create.  It was a up high battle to get out some truth. 

Having PTSD from my village experiences, I also took on the project as therapy.  

You can read some of my experiences at:  http://www.CapVeterans.com

Like I wrote earlier, I was not a hero.  I just did what 3 million other Vietnam veterans did by serving our country. (Few Americans have heard about this...)  As John Kerry was still making his television rounds (7 months after Americans left my Duc Duc Refugee Village) communist terrorists massacred and burned Duc Duc to ashes.


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