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Updates on female infanticide and rise in rape crimes in India

Hello Friends,

Here are our main updates for the campaign this new year!

  1. So far it was assumed the low child ratio for girls in India is indicative of large scale female fetal abortions. However data released by the census department at the end of last year indicates that most girls in India are killed not before but after birth. This is shocking news. And you can read more about it by clicking here
  2. There are reports of increase in rape crimes from different states in India, and increased incidents of rapes of women tourists as well.  Please see our Crime reports blog by clicking here.
  3. Please read and heed our 11 safety tips for all women traveling alone in India on our English blog by clicking here
  4. We also thank our German blog editor, Andrea Wlazik, and our French blog editor, Roxane Metzger for all the work they've put into setting up the respective language blogs.
  5. To stay updated please connect with us on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.

Thank you all for your support! This year we hope to bring this issue to the political platform in India and get people to be more vocal and pro-active in matter of governance, crime and law-enforcement. 

warm regards

Rita Banerji

on behalf of The 50 Million Missing Team


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