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Breaking news in Nigeria

Yesterday, President Goodluck Jonathan signed an anti-gay bill into law that would make having a same-sex relationship punishable by 14 years in prison.  [1] 

This news is gaining steam on Twitter, and we need you to spread the word about the petition for Aderonke. 

Help now by clicking the link below to tweet! 

Protect Aderonke, the LGBT activist seeking asylum in the UK @ukhomeoffice @Mark_J_Harper #AsylumforAderonke #Nigeria http://bit.ly/1eC18PL

The threats to Aderonke's safety and human rights have never been expressed as vividly as they are now. We need to gather as much support as possible to place pressure on the UK Home Office to accept Aderonke's application and grant her asylum in the UK.  

After you tweet, will you join me in helping to save this human rights activist by inviting your friends to sign the petition?  

Thank you so much for your support, 
Apata Ronnie

[1] Huffington Post

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