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Unbelievable: Florida Man Who Shot Movie-Texter May Use "Stand Your Ground" Defense

From Gawker:

When Curtis Reeves Jr. killed a texting moviegoer and wounded a bystander at a theater outside Tampa yesterday with a .380 pistol, it sounded like a clear case of rage. But the 71-year-old retired cop may have been in fear for his life—and he may be able to take advantage of Florida's gun-friendly self-defense law.

Reeves' initial statement certainly indicates he'll claim self-defense, according to an analysis by the Tampa Bay Times' Jessica Vander Velde: 

Reeves told Pasco Sheriff's deputies Monday that Oulson stood up and struck him in the face with an unknown object when they were arguing inside a Wesley Chapel movie theater during previews. Reeves said he was "in fear of being attacked," according to an arrest affidavit. 

But the county police aren't buying it, in part because the "unknown object" was a bag of movie popcorn... 

Read the full article and share your thoughts on the Stand Your Ground law in the comments.

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