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I live in P.G. County MD which is one of Washington DC's surrounding suburbs. I lost 3 of my own wonderful pitbulls to stupid and inhumane BSL! My Shane was 3 years old and my Rain was 1 1/2 years old when they were ripped from my home just because the neighborhood kids wanted to play with them and would let them out of the fence; the ignorance of their parents caused them to call anmial control which in turn came out and stole my dogs from their loving and nurturing home! My China was only 6 months when she was taken from me; she was my first pitbull and at that time I didn't understand the magnitude of protecting them and she got loose while I let someone else watch her which resulted in animal control getting her and $1000 in court attempts later still didn't get me my dog back! I 1 million percent support this campaign and will stop at nothing to help support the cause and spread the word about ending BSL! Punish the deed and not the breed!! I still live in the same county in which has this beloved breed banned and I currently have a sweet 5 yr old pibble and nothing but his death from old age will part us....I refuse and will never allow animal control or any BSL to take this one from me and I will continue to support any cause fighting to end BSL aka Bull S#!t Legislation!!!


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