Allen Greenfield
Allen Greenfield campaign leader

This film was sent by our Fellow Stars Anton and Lola in Scotland. "Emptiness is form reflects ideas forming in the subconscious mind, the vast territories of the psyche that shape reality around us. Our perception of time and space, although not material, creates our vision of life as we know it: tangible, wonderful and strange. This film reflects the awareness of a meditating person who’s mind being empty stays far away from the dull, emptiness here being perceived as a source of creativity.
"This is the first film in a series we are making for the Art Ashram project. We had a brake in film making due to transferring from Mac to Linux and other technicalities. It feels great to open 2014 with a new film.
"Camera and Editing by Anton Channing and Lolita Perdurabo
Music by Anjey Satori"
Edited using Open Shot on Linux Mint XFCE
Visualisations produced using Project M and Clementine

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