Hanna Kawas
Hanna Kawas campaign leader

Canada’s Record at the UN General Assembly 2013:
17 Votes Against the Palestinian and Arab Peoples, And In Support of Israel Aggression and Apartheid
"These votes are further proof of Canadian complicity in settler colonialism (1,2,3,14), occupation (11,13,14,15,17), ethnic cleansing (6,8,9), land theft (8,11,13,14,15), apartheid(1,2,9,11,12), war crimes (7,9,10,11,13,14), human rights abuses (7,8,9,11,12,13), theft of natural resources (8,17), state terrorism (9,16) and nuclear proliferation (18) (numbers indicate relevant resolution listed in the full report).

Here is the record – Canada has voted against all significant UN resolutions dealing with Palestinian human and national rights. Grassroots organizations and all people of conscience must challenge this outrage being implemented in our names, so that future generations will not be burdened with the shame and consequences of such reckless and criminal policies."

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