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How true are the excellent points made in this petition. The Black Rhino is such an endangered species and to auction off the right to kill one sends such a bad message! It’s making a mockery of conservation. If The Safari Club was indeed really interested in conservation, then why doesn’t it just give the Namibian govt. $350,000 to a fund set up strictly for the conservation of these animals rather than auctioning off the right to kill a Black Rhino! Why does a killing of this highly endangered animal have to be attached to giving money?! This is only a sham for the real purpose of the auction and that is to kill an animal that is highly prized by a trophy hunter to already add to his sickening collection of endangered animals that he has already killed!

As this petition states, it would also be setting a terrible precedent to allow an endangered species or its parts to be imported to the U.S. It would open the door to other endangered species to also start being imported back into the U.S. which is a blatant contradiction to the intended purpose of the Endangered Species Act! What is the message that we would be giving to other countries as well? This would be totally contrary to what President Obama has talked about recently in bolstering efforts in protecting endangered species by cracking down on the importation of endangered species parts and educating the public not to buy or sell endangered species or parts from these animals teetering on the brink of extinction as the Black Rhino is!

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The Dallas Safari Club recently auctioned off the right to hunt down an Endangered Black Rhino for $350,000. While the government of Namibia has granted this permit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) must grant an additional import permit in order for the hunter to bring home his "trophy". In 2013 nearly 1000 rhinos have been poached in neighboring South Africa, while half of all Rhinos…

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Estimates put the global Black Rhino population at about 5,000. Namibia has a black rhino population of 1,795. This species population has decreased 90% since the 1960s and if we don't actively work to save everyone their time is running out. That is why it is totally irresponsible for this group to auction off a permit to shoot and kill an endangered Black Rhino.  Also, this past March the…

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