Stepan Pasicznyk
Stepan Pasicznyk campaign leader

A free and democratic Ukraine is beneficial to Europe. A Ukraine controlled by Russia makes Russia a threat to Europe once again. Ukraine's president turned his back on Europe in November last year in favour of an economic union with Russia without consulting his electorate. This has resulted in a "pro European revolution" in Ukraine since the beginning of December last year. The choice is simple. Does the EU want a free and democratic Ukraine with European norms, values and aspirations as a neighbour, or does it want a new version of the Soviet Union as its neighbour? Besides this being an issue of human rights, democracy, and freedom for the citizens of Ukraine, this is a geopolitical issue that matters to everyone. The President of Ukraine and the oligarchs in his current government don't care about the welfare of Ukraine or its citizens. They have demonstrated that with their miltia's brutal attacks on peaceful demonstrators on 30thNovember 2013, and 11th January 2014 and on many other occasions. They have gained their astronomical personal wealth by abusing their position and asset stripping Ukraine. It is the free world’s duty and legal and economic obligation to freeze the assets of these oligarchs so that they can be restored to their rightful owners, the citizens of Ukraine, under a democratically elected and transparent government. They could then be visible as Ukraine's national assets again for the benefit of Ukraine's citizens and Ukraine's future business interactions with Europe rather than remain hidden for personal individual use as they are now. Please support this cause by asking the Financial Conduct Authority directly to confirm they are fulfilling their obligations in this matter as described under their EU mission statement here, , under existing EU legislation as described here and by asking your local Member of Parliament to raise the issue and support it on your behalf.

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