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'Never leave a man behind'

'Never leave a man behind' is a motto of our 5 military branches

  It's a disgrace that our government officials don't believe in this same motto.

Leave these officials a message at:https://www.causes.com/campaigns/65036-get-sandy-hook-first-responder-his-long-term-disability?recruiter_id=59628385

How you can help

http://www.americans-working-together.com/the_real_chris_christie/id13.html HELP Give More Prison Time For EVERYONE Caught And Found Guilty In A Government Cover-UP Another high level politician hires his own committee, at taxpayers' expense, to clear his name. Now that his committee has cleared his name, he wants the taxpayers to move on, and forget this issue... This is how this one…

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A Prayer Request for a decorated, combat-related PTSD disabled Veteran Vietnam vet Jack Cunningham is asking for prayers that this gets resolved one way or another.  Jack, his family, his friends and his supporters do not want this to drag out in silence from the federal and New Jersey governments another decade. Either, New Jersey charges him with Contempt of Court for accusing both…

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