Update #6 ·

Thank you.

Thank you for your support and help in reaching the cry of Tibet to the world and the Bang Ki -Moon. China is using her money to silence the voice of justice . Recently they pressured Spanish government to reverse the Tibetan genocide guilty verdict by The Spanish Court. This petition will continue with your help to keep up the issue burning.

In the meanwhile the situation inTibet is becoming brutal and very serious. The number of Tibetans  committing self immolation has reached to 125 to date. The CCP is now targeting the Tibetan culture and religion. They have put into prison dozen well-known Tibetan artists and singers, and arresting religious heads for no reason.  Khenpo Kartse, a highly respected Bhudhists Abbot and a well known social service activist in Nangchen,Tibet, was arrested and sixteen other monks who spear headed the petition for his release were also imprisoned in Nangchen just in this month. They have closed three monasteries in Deriu. Attempting to bring Tibet’s defiant under control, Chinese security forces have surrounded monasteries, detained monks, locked up over a thousand Tibetans, restricted communications, and instituted an intensive “political re-education” program a concentration camp with new brand.


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