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Please pledge support for our charity. NoToDogMeat Foundation

The Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference is the largest, most representative Asian animal welfare conference. It will take place next week between 13-17 January  2014 and we are proud to announce the attendance of our  registered Charity ( 1154524)  World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.This is a huge step for us and shows our commitment to working to end this cruel trade.

The conference is a platform for animal welfare experts, members of the public and government officials to consolidate and share experiences, with an eye to developing new strategies and facilitating long-term change in animal welfare

This years theme is " Confronting Cruelty"

As everyone knows the illegal dog and cat meat trade is perhaps the cruelest " industry known to man"

Raised on rotting food, stuffed into cages, transported for hours without food or water, beaten , blow torched and often skinned alive. 

Our small charity and people led movement hopes to make an impact and push forward to much needed change.

We are entirely self-funded and all volunteers. If you can help support the travel of our  trusted  delegate with a small donation, this will be appreciated and allow us to keep our valuable funds for helping with shelters and street campaigns. Thankyou



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