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Cheap Patriotism vs. Deep Patriotism

Jones defines Cheap Patriotism as “what you see on Fox News, where they just wrap the American flag around a bunch of hatred and say that’s what patriotism is”. The far right has snatched the narrative of what patriotism means, and as a society, it is problematic when we let a small sector of the population determine what being a patriot means.

Deep Patriotism is progressive. In examining what it means to be patriotic, Jones asks:

Who is standing up for America the Beautiful?
Who is standing up for the environment?
Who is sticking up for “Liberty and Justice for all”?
He argues, rightfully, that it is not the conservatives and not the Tea Party. Liberty for all is a progressive idea, and includes gays, lesbians, and immigrants — “You can’t be an anti-immigrant bigot and a patriot”.

What does deep patriotism mean to you?

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