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On Thursday Jan, 2 when I woke up my shepherd mix just wasn't herself. I called her vet and made her appointment. We were seen later that day. In which case they did some blood draws, physical examination, etc... When the vet came back into the office she told me that she had rodenticides showing up in her blood. She told me that she will send me home with medication (presnidone, tramodal, Vitamin K1) come back in on Monday and we will do another blood draw to see if the medication was working. Well by the time I had arrived home and sat down. My phone rang. It was my dogs vet. I knew it wasn't going to be good news. sure enough, I was right. All I could here was prognosis is not good. Friday came, I took her to the vet to have more blood draws and testing done. I was determined to fix Americus and make her good as new. Well Friday came and later that night, I fed my bear as usual... she was still active, going to the bathroom, eating.. no bad side effects from the medicine. Then at about 8pm... I saw blood... drops of blood everywhere... I could not figure out where it was coming from... I was in my sons room putting his toys away for the night and something told me to look in her mouth... So I did, sure enough she had the TINIEST cut on her tongue. Of course it looks bad, its mixed with her saliva... Well 10pm came, kids are asleep and i'm laying with her on the floor.. tongue is still bleeding. I get up walk into the back bedroom and call the dreaded emergency vet. She told me to just keep an eye on it and it should stop. Well, with her blood having rodenticides showing up her blood will not clot as it should, I explained this to the vet and she told me, it will stop. Well I go to bed, and wake up.. blood everywhere. I freak, call the vet and took her in. I get there and waited for not to long but it did feel like forever. Everyone was very sweet and caring which made me feel worse. The ER vet sees her, they tried to stop the bleeding but were unsuccessful. I go home (its now Sunday morning) I have to wait until 8am Monday to call my vet to receive the rest of the results from Thursday testing. I spent the whole day spoiling my little love, I knew Monday was going to be a bad day. Monday came, I called the vet. Waited for her to return my call. I saw the number show up on my phone and my heart sank, I shook, I felt like throwing up. I answered the call.. The worst thing I could have heard but I knew what was right for my bear. I took her to the office at 130pm. The 14 min drive there, felt so short, I cried the whole way while she laid her head on my lap. I asked her time and time again "please don't hate me" I asked the sky, my grandfather, my grandmother... Please don't make me do this. It was the worst feeling getting out of my car. A very good friend met me there. I would have never been able to do it alone. I whaled, I was crying, swearing. I was sad and angry... I laid by her side, telling her how much I loved her, her daddy loved her, my kids loved her, her fur siblings loved her. I told her I DID NOT want her to go. I wish every night when I walk into the kitchen she was there. I miss her barking, her snoring, her walking on my heels. I miss everything about her. I hate that I cant touch her, I hate that she cant kiss me. I hate that she isn't laying on my feet. I am DETERMINED to raise awareness. My friend (Penny) who met me that day, told me something and I realized she was right. I am the most unselfish individual, I was put here on this BIG green earth for a purpose and I found my purpose and that is to create an army for Americus. This may just be the beginning but this is my Battle for Americus.

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