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If passed, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - a secretive, multi-national trade agreement - would give the governments of at least 12 nations authority to monitor the internet.

After months of delay, Congressional leaders have just introduced legislation that would grant President Barack Obama “fast-track authority” to push the TPP agreement through the U.S. Congress with no amendments and limited discussion.

With your help, we’ve got a real chance to take down the TPP and protect one of the last strongholds of free speech and political activism – and we’ve got no time to lose. Read more about the TPP here:


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The  US has pulled out of TPP, but the remaining 11 countries -- Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam -- plan to move ahead on plans to create a massive international agreement described by public interest advocates as "a corporate power tool" that will help the 1% get richer at the expense of our jobs, health, and environment.  …

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You have 1,620 days left to sign.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Events  5/17-5/25 ACTIONS –  September 17th - 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street  Learn more at http://occupys17.infoMore info? Call (718) 218-4523 or email [email protected] 8:30AM-10AM Financial District March: No Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)! No Fast Track!Gather at 8:30 to march through the financial district to tell Wall Street – NO TPP!11AM-Noon…

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