Update #7 ·

Misunderstandings About This Campaign

As I've mentioned in a previous update there ARE misunderstandings and the possibility of rumors going around about this campaign.

A good number of people are not understanding what the point of this campaign is, and a rather nasty comment I received today from a fan thinking the only point of this is a belief that Jonghyun could be removed from SHINee for his support of the I am not okay movement (which is not our belief at all.) made me realize we need to do more to make sure that nobody supporting this campaign has the wrong impression.

I'm going to post a poll, and I'd also like any supporters who are having experiences with people believing rumors and/or misunderstandings about this campaign to tell me about it.

You can contact me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wiseongdragonfly or twitter @SkylerNoh

with any questions or comments.

Thanks everyone!


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