Sergio Barbesta
Sergio Barbesta campaign leader

Give us a paw to save Chinese DOGS! I wish a happy New Year to all DOGS and animals lovers!

Dear friends,

I spent my entire childhood and youth with dogs, in particular with German Shepherds, Mirca, Ric, Aslan, NAP and together with them I learned to love and respect nature and every living creature.
I am convinced that, I had given them much less love than they have given to me.

They taught me the true meaning of friendship and loyalty.

I feel indebted to them, I feel indebted to nature, and I asked myself what can I do?

The answer was to create an international association AnimalsTrust NPO, after the success of my international campaign "Nobody touch the DOG", which may have presence in all world countries, to defend animals' rights and fight with all forces to give them a voice.

For the campaign "Nobody touch the DOG" we want to start an online advertising campaign, on the main Chinese portals, to raise awareness against Chinese trade and consumption of dog meat, and we need your support.

Even a small donation can allow us to save thousands of dogs .

These are not plush animals!

Thanks in advance for your support.

Discover what you can do on or on

Please don't forget to join and give a like to our FB official page: and to "Nobody touch the DOG" dedicated Facebook group: to give us more strength and International weight and to share our updates on your FB walls.

Yes WE CAN! We can STOP them, but only all together!

ATTENTION: the images in the video are of an unimaginable cruelty, and are reserved only to an adult audience.


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