Oswaldo Reyes
Oswaldo Reyes 1 pledge

This campaign matters to me because , i grew up in New York City, where domestic violence is an every day thing. I witnessed it personally with my own mom and dad. Finally one day as we got older and more mature , our mother found the courage to finally leave him. I love my father dearly but i could never forget the hurt he caused my mother and other siblings. It something that scars the human soul for life.
If you are lucky enough to escape the abuser, you will someday be able to get your life back together, but the hurt and the scars are always there. We must stop the abuse. If you see something, say something. Call the police, don't wait until someone is dead to dial 911.If you abuse a woman, you need to be locked up, bottom line. No excuse. Let's put these men where they belong. In jail.

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