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Before I write the actual update, I need everyone to read this bit of information here:

There are people who are constantly believing false information about this campaign (ex: thinking we are against Jonghyun) I would appreciate it that if you are talking about this, or sharing our link, PLEASE be careful with your wording and how you portray it to your friends! We do not want rumors getting out of hand!

Here's the update:

  I have just recieved a message from a fellow SHINee fan who sent me a link that pointed out several things that I highly believe need to be made known, and that made me realize that I have misworded and/or left out highly crucial information in my petition, so here are a few things that all of you supporters (and non supporters) really need to know about what I am doing and why I am doing it, and I apologize for leaving out important information or saying anything that could have mislead you in how you view what I'm doing here. Its my own misake, and i'm not going to try to cover it up. Here is what you need to know:     #1 - First and foremost, this petition is not in any way here because I believe that the haters and anti fans would actually succeed in having Jonghyun removed from SHINee. I have explained this fact (and posted it in the petition itself) to hundreds of people at this point, and yet people are still under that assumption. Please take the time to read and understand what this is before you spread or believe information that may be false and lead to negative consequences for yourselves or others.    #2 - I am in support of the #iamnotokay movement. this petition is not meant to just show fan support of Jonghyun, but also to show support of those in korea who are struggling. I can personally relate to that movement, and to the feelings of the person who's essay Jonghyun has posted as his twitter profile picure, because I am lgbt myself, and live in an area that isn't very accepting of a person like me. I read that essay, and its a big part of what lead me to do this. (and as a note I am aware that it has to do with more than just lgbt people, I am just saying that from my standpoint I can relate to this issue in some ways.)   #3 - We are not here to put Jonghyun on some pedesal or worship him for standing up for this movement. I am doing this to show support of people who are having a hard time in life because of the way things are. I am also doing it to show support of Jonghyun for standing up for minority rights. I'm supporting what Jonghyun supports, and therefore I am standing up for him, and I hope you all will too. that is all I have to say for now. Please understand everyone, and forgive me for not making things clear.   -Skyler Noh


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