Paula Stephens
Paula Stephens pledged

This is our son at two. This rabbits name is hoppy. He had free rein of the House had a cage he jumped in & out of fir food & water & go to the bathroom. He slept with are son. Sometimes even with us. He showed love friendly and most of all . He hurt NO ONE. You are a sick sob. Not only sick for doing this period. But to talk & watch it & get a kick out of it. News flash. That's what they say about serial killers getting started. I bet your no kind of man, your a coward. Put you out there with someone who is training there dog to go after you. Let's see how you would do. First you'd cry like a baby, second you would pi$$ your pants. People like you make me sick. Terrorizing an innocent rabbit for your own fun. What kind of sicko are you. Have someone put you out there with a bunch of snakes cause that's what you are. Big shots hurting helpless rabbits that can't defend themselves. This is all so appalling. God hates ugly especially this kind. I am glad I won't have to see your karma come around. It will be ten times worse than what your doing. Unlike you! Just because I think you will get everything coming to you. I am not sick I would take no pleasure. Plus I would never be sick enough to watch. Even though you deserve every bit of what's In store for you. Sicko.....

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