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**We Are Chief White Owl's Voice and Must Be Heard!! More Voices Needed! We Need Your Ongoing Support Please!! **

***United We STAND AGAINST ALL Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect***Should not be happening or Should It? "CHIEF WHITE OWL'S LAW Stiffer Laws and Harsher Penalties for Nursing Homes" >>Profits Before Care is Unjustifiable and Inhumane!! No Elder Person or Human Being should ever experience being Abused or Neglected in any Care Facility such as a Doctor's office, Hospital, Rehab Center, Nursing Home, Home Care, etc. STAND UP for the ones who can't speak out for themselves. We are their only hope to carry on. How You Can Help Increase the Signatures? Please go to the Petition and Press Invite Friends to Sign- 50 Friends will already be checked for you to share for your FB Friends to SIGN. Together We Can ALL Make A Difference'   Its Fast and Easy.  Take a Meaningful moment of your time to help us get changes made asap. Chief White Owl is not alone.  The Victims of Elder abuse and Neglect is OVERWHELMING> Please Share this Petition on Facebook, Twitter, Email Friends, etc. CHIEF WHITE OWL IS SIGNING THE PETITION! ***POWER To ALL The ELDERLY 2014*** GOD BLESS THE ELDERLY!!*~*Thank You and May God Bless You ALL!!*~*  From the Campaign Leaders


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