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In year 1999, he lost his buddy of 8 years while I lost mine soul mates of 11years.. we both needed a shoulder to cry on, someone who really understands that our losses is not just about a dog.. the pain is the same n as deep as losing someone dearly. I stayed far west while him in the north of Singapore. I bet our angels tried really hard to bring us together n they did with many more adventures with new angels they sent to us.

We had our first pet together.. we fought n argue just to give her a name. And that was our first lesson our angel taught us, fights don't end with a name, continuous communication, sharing n accepting gets the deal done.. we named her Sasha. We got engaged the same year we got her.. then our house came, my parents are not willing to let her go... so the following year, we got another angel n without much fight, we named him Didi, a brother to Sasha. Wedding bells came n soon our first born.. I couldn't handle the baby so my parents shifted over with Sasha. Its was wonderful having them at home.. we shared many little things n our neighbours always came by just to watch them play. We leave our house in their care when we are out. There was an incident that my parents went out of the house without closing the door n gates.. my angels guarded the house from 7am to 7pm when my parents returned home in shocked to see policeman n neighbour outside the house with the two dogs fiercely protected the house, refusing to let these stranger in. They were there, they speak same languages n shared same habits.. n to our most blessing..their love to us was doubled n true.
Sasha left us this April, 12years of sharing n guiding her brother.. Now Didi looks out for her at the door everyday, waiting for her return..i know there is no way for a replacement n i cannot introduce a new friend due to the law in singapore on having only one dog in a hdb. I broke the law once to protect my angels n selfishly our good times together...if only i can get him another friend.. please support the petitions as it not only bring companion to us as human but also a companion to him while we are away for work or family outing..

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