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Dear Mr.President Obama
I truly know how busy you are with taking care of our country and I truly thank you for all you do.But Mr.President I know you also love the animals that were put on this earth by god,but our precious baby's are being sentenced to death each and every day in all High Kill shelters not even allowed to be seen by the public so they my be saved,but also suffer abuse and killed by their owners and other evil humans,you may think I have no right to even send this to you,but these precious baby's also need your help to stop their suffering and be allowed to live and be loved like humans also need,see Mr.President they cry when they feel pain,they bleed when hurt,when all they ask for is to be loved like all other's.Can't evil humans that abuse and kill these baby's put on this earth by god pay for such actions placed upon them,can't laws be changed to make humans who cause this actions be stronger so people can understand that such actions will not be excepted.So many humans walk away with no punishment for what they have have done,while the abused die.Each and every day no matter a puppy a kitten or our senior animals are sentenced to death by High Kill Shelters,can't that also change by shutting down these shelters and have no Kill shelters to protect them they same way we protect our children of this country.I beg you Mr.President please help save them so they may have a Forever Loving Home that's all they truly ask for.It's so heartbreaking to see there faces day after day to know they will die,if you were to see them on face book you also would be affected by this the way many people are,I know myself I cry and it hurts knowing I can not help them,New York city alone kill hundreds by the day and that is only New York who truly knows how many more are being killed in the High Kill Shelters,you can help them Mr.President only you can save them by changing the laws and shutting down these shelters and allowing No Kill Shelters so they have the right to live not even murders or humans who abuse children are put to death instead our country pays for their shelter,their meals and their food,warmth and bedding,why can't we treat our precious baby's be treated in the same why they deserve to Love and be Loved also,please Mr.President help them I beg you from the bottom of my heart,I know I have no right to ask for help but only you and you alone can stop the needless deaths of gods creation no one has the right to take away what gods has placed on this earth no one.I'm truly sorry for taking up your time when you are so busy saving our country but you are the only one that I can truly turn again I beg you to stop the killing.

Thank you Mr.President
Maureen Trant

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