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Read this and weep.......

While I am more then aware that these are old articles, so far almost everyone gets out on bail in South Africa, this while they are killing off their wildlife on a daily base. 



Minister Van Schalkwyk said 4.5 years ago that the escalation in rhino poaching worried him considerably and that he was strengthening legislation to deal with poaching? Makes me wonder what happened with this strengthening of legislation. This year 954 Rhinos were "officially" killed by poachers. While we all know that those aren't the correct numbers and that they are in fact much higher. Of the 954 killed Rhinos at least 476 were poached in Kruger National Park alone.  This is why this petition also demands that.

3. Ensures that no bail conditions are ever granted to alleged wildlife criminals in South Africa, with immediate effect. 

4. Ensures that the minimum prison term for wildlife crime in South Africa is fifteen years, with immediate effect. 

So please take the stand with us today, and say enough is enough South Africa.

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do whatever it takes to put the much needed pressure on this corrupt Government.

Photo credits: Angela Sargeant

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