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This campaign matters to me and my family for a few different reasons.

First an upmost; justice for Beth. Beth was the cutest sweetest young lady. Anytime I saw her, you could just see her happiness and vibrancy.

Second, I will always remember that night and the weeks that followed. I watched our middle child grieve with all of his friends and Beth's entire family and there was absolutely no sense to what had taken place (and we all know there never will be). Our entire community went into immediate shock that anything this tragic could take place in our town. Even the police force was numb with what took place that evening. You can come up with a long list of reasons (that's what they are called anyways) of why someone would actually do such a hyenas act such as this. There is only one - very, very sick individual.

To witness an entire trial and all of the evidence from the DA and then listen to the lack of defense there is only one conclusion and that conclusion was made the day he was "sentenced to life without the possibility of parole".
Yes life. Something Beth never had the opportunity to fulfill. Something her family and friends never had the chance to enjoy.

Now twenty one years later we are suppose to believe that his brain was not fully developed therefore we should allow the opportunity for parole (along with the other eight cases). I cannot even wrap my head around this to find the words to write. Twenty one years behind bars, out of society, away from all sane people and we are suppose to believe what - he can be rehabilitated, he can add anything back to society, he can function among other human beings? Absurd!! This isn't a case of a stolen car as a teenager with a bunch of lies. This is a case of murder. Cold and calculated.

It is highly insulting to all the families involved that this discussion is happening today. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Beth's family as well as the families of the other cases. I pray that all of this hard work campaigning succeed and the possibility for parole gets stopped in its tracks.

Best Regards to all,
Beth P.


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