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Dave McVeigh
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As we start out a new year, it's also time to look back at 2013 and what for the people of the Philippines, has been a pretty rough year. That said, Cebu City - and other cities throughout the Islands, have rallied in way that's been inspiring. Civilians, governments, aid organizations and militaries from all over the world have converged on the area. For many of us, it was impressive and almost overwhelming to see what can be done when military might uses its power for humanitarian aid, but that's probably a post for another time and place. We here in the Philippines have been moved by the response of the world.

But the sad reality is that this has just begun. The damage in areas like Northern Cebu and Leyte is unfathomable and will take years to repair and rebuild. That's why we will soon be shifting funds into more sustainable water sources and we begin to look to the future of the affected areas. The team here will have to make some hard choices, but ultimately the plan is - in the next month or so - to zero in on key areas where the money can go the furthest - and in those areas, exploring water filtration systems and other long term, sustainable programs. We welcome your input as we move forward. Please feel free to comment or to email Dave directly at [email protected]. And please spread the word. We'd like to get to 20k by 2015 and we know we can.

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