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I find it really hard to comprehend that this petition doesn’t has let’s say at least 500 000 signatures by now. While people are always willing to sign when a trophy hunter is posing with a killed animal, it is harder to get them to sign a petition before the animal is killed? Where is the outrage against this? This auction will take place on January 11 at 3.30 pm. There will be a protest outside the Dallas Safari Club on January 11, please if you are living nearby make sure to be there.
And please make sure to join this tweetstorm.

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The Dallas Safari Club recently auctioned off the right to hunt down an Endangered Black Rhino for $350,000. While the government of Namibia has granted this permit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) must grant an additional import permit in order for the hunter to bring home his "trophy". In 2013 nearly 1000 rhinos have been poached in neighboring South Africa, while half of all Rhinos…

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Estimates put the global Black Rhino population at about 5,000. Namibia has a black rhino population of 1,795. This species population has decreased 90% since the 1960s and if we don't actively work to save everyone their time is running out. That is why it is totally irresponsible for this group to auction off a permit to shoot and kill an endangered Black Rhino.  Also, this past March the…

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