Update #3 ·

We decided to fight for the animals' rights. Do you want to fight with us?

This is a clear demostration oh what any dog can do for any man!

On our side we can do something for Dogs signing our International petition "Nobody touch the DOG" to save DOGS in China.

Each day 50,000 dogs are killed in China. 18 million dogs every year!

We can no longer accept it!

We want to start a huge online advetising campaign on the main Chinese portals to raise awareness of the Chinese people against the trade and consumption of dog meat.

We'll not stop until we'll reach the goal!

You can support us going to Indiegogo petition or to AnimalsTrust "Nobody touch the DOG" page.

Even a small donation can give us the possibility to save thousands Dogs.

We are sure that the most of Chinese people are on our side.

We can do something! The indignation is not sufficient. These are not teddies! I'm sure you can help us to reach the target. 

We can save Chinese DOGS but only all together!

Thank you,

Sergio Barbesta - AnimalsTrust Founder

Become a member: to become an AnimalsTrust member you can go to this page.


Please don't forget to join and give a like to our FB official page: https://www.facebook.com/animalstrust and to "Nobody touch the DOG" dedicated Facebook group:
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