Freedom to Marry
Freedom to Marry campaign leader

Never give up, friends, that's what we learned in Minnesota. And it's a lesson I brought with me when I joined the staff at Freedom to Marry.

We faced tough opposition when I was managing my home state's marriage campaign -- but we all knew that we had to keep trying no matter what.

It took us years, but thanks to the determination of thousands of volunteers and so much dedication from people like you and me, the freedom to marry became a reality this summer for same-sex couples throughout the state.

I know firsthand just how much a victory like this means -- a few days ago, Justin, the love of my life, and I were finally able to get married right here in Minnesota. I joined Freedom to Marry to bring that same freedom and joy to same-sex couples across the country.

Donate just $10 to Freedom to Marry today to help us win marriage nationwide. Together, we can make the freedom to marry a reality for loving couples no matter where they live.

Help us reach our goal by December 31

We've made amazing strides this year, but there is still so much work to do. It won't be easy, but if we work together, we can win the freedom to marry across the country just like we have in 18 states and the District of Columbia already. We just have to keep focused on achieving our goal.

Our victory in Minnesota and the other states where we've won taught us that we can do big things if we don't give up. Let's commit to achieving a national victory to show that we never will.

Thank you,

Richard Carlbom
Director of State Campaigns, Freedom to Marry

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