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Big news from Guantanamo

Dear Friends,

Great news to end the year! The last three Uighurs have been released from Guantanamo, to Slovakia!

Read the Miami Herald article about the release

Amnesty activists have campaigned for many, many years to resolve the cases of the 22 Uighurs who have been held at Guantanamo. The transfer of the last three Uighurs is a milestone in the process of closing the detention facility.

President Obama is moving in the right direction on Guantanamo but he needs to pick up the pace. There's no excuse for further delay in transferring the remaining cleared detainees, including Shaker Aamer, whom the UK government wants released. Urge President Obama to move forward with more transfers, including Shaker.

Many thanks for your efforts to close Guantanamo, end indefinite detention, and defend the right to a fair trial!


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