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Closing pledge campaign - Thank you for your help!

We began this pledge campaign in late May after a sharp rise in fatal pit bull maulings (January 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013). At that time, pit bulls were responsible for 93% of attacks that resulted in human death. As of December 31, this percentage has fallen to 78%, still a significant rise over the 8-year combined average of 60% for pit bulls. 2013 also marks the highest percentage of fatalities inflicted by pit bulls (78%) since we began tracking this vital data in 2005.

We did not reach our goal of 500 pledges, but that is okay! We really want to thank you for participating and sharing this campaign with others. We see a lot of new names on the pledge list. This was our chief goal, to enable more people to become aware of this issue. As the pit bull population continues to rise, fatalities inflicted by them will escalate as well. This year a pit bull killed an American every 14.6 days, down from the 8-year combined average of every 19 days.

God help us all if it drops to every 10 days, or worse, 5 days.

The year also is not over. Often times, fatal dog attacks that occur during the Christmas and New Year's season are not reported by the news media until the first or second week in January. It is for this reason that annual fatal dog bite statistics by DogsBite.org will not be released until the end of January this year.

Thank you again for all of your help, support and participation!

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In Memory of Ryan Maxwell

We dedicate this pledge campaign to the memory of Ryan Maxwell, whose image was selected as the 2013 Fatal Dog Mauling Image of the Year. Ryan was horrifically killed by a pit bull in March while visiting family friends. 

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