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Fund education for students in Sierra Leone

Update #1 ·

Allied Communities Changing Lives...We have Arrived!

I am so excited as I sit here
typing this update. I was originally born in Sierra Leone West Africa. My father brought my mother and me to America when I was a little girl. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to grow up in the United States and receive an education. In my journey of education, I was once given the analogy about education being like a seed; you plant it, water it, and watch it grow in others. The most beautiful part of the seed of education is that it creates a powerful plant that bears seeds for more seeds to be planted.

 I am excited to be a part of the launching of this new cause. Every donation given will make the goal of educating 1500 secondary school children possible. Growing up in the United States, it is so hard to believe that children are in the world who are unable to obtain, a what would be called here, a middle school or high school education due to finances, but this is a real issue. 

The great thing about this cause is we are not just raising funds and sending them to these schools in the mail. We plan to visit these various schools to make sure these funds raised are being used for the Sierra Leonean children. 

Thanks again for everyone's efforts!

~Allied Communities Changing Lives

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