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Why we fail to motivate and achieve our goals.

Imam Jamil (H. Rap Brown) has sat in solitary confinement now for over 13 years.  He is now 70 years old and the only think standing between him and either a transfer and or pardon is your cards and letters which have not come in.  With out your name or address we asked that you forward either a card or letter with these few words on them: Pardon or Transfer Imam Jamil (H. Rap Brown).  What could be simpler?  We have a history of fighting for and standing up for our rights, the systematic eradication of our leaders as well as simply  to tell the truth.  Yet in this matter we have failed and neglected our duty to this Beloved Brother who fought and stood for us.  So once again we ask that you find the time to write these simple words, apply a stamp and forward your cards and letters in mass to: Imam Jamil Freedom party c/o 2305 NC Highway 96 South Four Oaks, NC 27524

On behalf of Imam Jamil (H. Rap Brown) thanks for your support and forward your cards and letters.

Luqman Jahmi Abdullah-ibn

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