Greetings from Brasil, our biggest problem is that this present goverment with its Workers Party (PT) managed to elect this " Dilma Rouseff" just because Lula, her antecessor has this carisma, but is very ignorant, when dealing with these delicate issues, mainlly concerning our Indigeniuses, and now, whats happening is that they are stripping all the cultivalable land of its original forests or Savana (Cerrado) and planting GMO,s mainlly corn and soybean, and exporting everything off to China and others! and their greed is "atroucius" and they are with their eyes on the rich reservations of our Indians, because thats where you can still find Natural elements, Forests, Fish, and Wild Life that sustains them! So there is a dirty deal between our federal Gov. and its corrupt system, (of course you must have heard of the "Mensalao") anyway to make it short...ridiculous Politicians accept bribes to vote and alter laws & things that should'nt be happening, and of course all our Natives Indigenious' are all on alert! but they ca'nt stop a Bulldozer passing right through there straw homes, or a Violent Army with their shields and Bats pushing them to extiction! Mega Hidro Electrical projects damming their life giving Rivers( Belo Monte & Xingu)We are very worried with these situations, The Guarani Kaiowas are being CRUELLY treated and now there,s also a very seriuos situation in the Amazon,( in Humaita) so now you guys have a vision of whats really happening and We MUST take a stand, I summon You all to help anyway you can, be it with these "Causes" or even maintaining a "Positive Vibration" meditative field of protection around them! 2014 is a turntable, there's the World Cup, Elections, and may God make justice, and may these fantastic cultures have THE RIGHT TO THRIVE.

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