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"Gay dads" used as a cover to rape a baby russian boy Stan from 2 weeks old. Then the ABC Journalist pictured here asked for the photo credits to the newspapers for having the honor of putting a 5 year old gay dads rape victims uncensored photo on 100s of gay lobby websites to use as a poster boy for gay marriage. More details on that here: Make sure you watch the video to see what ABC didn't tell you and why Putin/Russian people made the "anti-gay properganda/adoption" laws. Putin says: "We will choose the manner in which they leave [without Australian gay lobby child rapists]. Aussies will get the joke. Remember only 1% of the network was caught and ABC is helping because @freshchilli aka the woman above deleted all her 2010 tweets to protect those in the gay lobby that set her up to this pro pedophile puff piece. See coverage of this an my youtube channel for more information.


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