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Well I support this because when Face book started out your children could get to a age that they could use then internet n you could friend your kids n put their Pics n share them with your friends n family ! But now FB went viral n if your a Christian and you let your children on FB even after they are at a age that they are old enough to be online there are so many predeters that will try to draw your children out or find out where they live n next thing ya know your child will be one that they put out an amber alert for because some crazy person is stalking your child to snatch them up. Witch that threat has always been a prob but then people talk so much smutt. They post pics that no child should see! Children are like sponges they pick up on everything you say n do and FB went from being family friendly to being an adult meeting and chatting sight. You have to set your page with so many privet settings so that people can't see your page or pics of things ya have or find out where ya live cause that's just like taking a video of everything you own out there for every thief to come n steel all that you have cause they learn everything about you n where you live plus all the nasty talking and exsplicid pic that people put on it not thinking of any one else that has kids that might see or run across what they post ! That's why you can message anyone privetly so they don't exspose anyone else to the Graphic things they show or talk about !!! It's called common curdacey for other people that don't want to hear or see vulgar things they do or act like for the millions of innocent people n their kids to learn about. I'm scared to let my family on here because of these terrable things that FB has sold out to people so they could line their pockets with out thinking of the innocent children n Christian family's that they haven't give a seconds thought to or about I pray The Lord forgives these people doing and allowing these vial things they do n allow on something that could be controlled and used for so much good. FB friends pray with me on these peoples behaver so they may be forgiven and led to do the right thing for the good of all people ! Amen, in Jesus name I claim & receive this for everyone right now amen n amen !!!!!


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