Lurleen Hilliard
Lurleen Hilliard campaign leader

Arizona --You Must Stop This Abuse Now & Protect Your Children

Here is yet another article that may not be wildly known about in Arizona as it was written by the New York Times. Yet it is about your state, the Failures again of the Governor and CPS. There is a huge amount in here that many will not know about, and it has even shocked me and that takes a lot. However it took a Homicide Detective working with the Child Welfare Agency in Arizona to realize that not 6000 as stated but 6,554 files were all stamped with the N.I that is Not Investigated,then shelved away out of either as he says Malice or Neglect.

Now somebody needs to be held accountable for this gross neglect of all these children. For their forced life of abuse as nobody that was contacted in CPS cared enough to see if they needed help or not.Getting other people to now try and clean up this mess is not good enough. Heads need to roll, and People need to be held accountable.

It is very simple if the public have no faith in CPS then they are not going to file a suspected case of abuse of a child, therefor that child is left to live a life of abuse, and be voiceless as nobody there to help. Accountability starts at the top and if you have a team in place that has failed to do the right thing, has for whatever reason ignored the plight of thousands of children that they are hired to protect, then not only do they need to be held accountable to the public and be fired, so does the person at the top who runs CPS in Arizona and who ever hired them.

Nobody is excused for ignoring the plight of a suspected victim of child abuse and to think that now after the fact it is okay to suddenly put new procedures in place, just shows the level of Ignorance and Arrogance to all the victims of abuse in Arizona. No Child asks to live a life of abuse, they want to be children. But those employed to protect them either do their job or they let others have that position that will protect the children.

Shame on all those who forgot these children. And Thank You to the Homicide Detective who stood up and was the voice for these children. Maybe he should be more involved in helping to protect the suspected victims of Child abuse as at least he cares.

The Mealer Anti Trafficking proposals will STOP this from ever happening again, and all involved will be held fully accountable for their actions in protecting these children. Give Arizona Children their Future, their Innocence and simply their Lives back. You can do it all you have to do, is to support those that will make this happen.

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