Paula Stephens

This is my Dog Buddy. I can assure you if he thought someone was going to hurt me. He would go after them. If they took there badges away & suspended these cops without pay. They wouldn't be so fast to pull the trigger. Pay the medical bills if the poor animal made it. Out of there own pocket not the tax payers. Lastly. Why don't police officers, carry a gun that is to tranquilize the dog if they become a threat. Why does an animal have to be killed or mamed to protect there families. If police officers want back the respect they once had. Then they have to start acting like police officers. Not judge jury & executioner. You can control a situation with tranquilizer's why do you have to mame or kill. They should be brought up on charges. If they shot an unarmed person they would. Well dogs are not armed either. It's rediculous...

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