Update #16 ·

#NoToDogMeat- as long as dogs beg for their lives-we will stand by their side


We would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in:

Tweet Storms ( we trended no 1 and even beat the Eurovision Song Contest)

Signing Petitions

Writing Letters

Donating and Buying NoToDogMeat T Shirts

Coming along to events

Making May 18th World Awareness against the dog and cat meat trade happen

Supporting our film at the Cannes Film Festival ( Marche du Film) 

and above all NEVER GIVING UP!

Busy Year 2014. As long as dogs and cats are begging for their lives, we will stand by their sides.

Join us: 


PLEASE - also if you can support our new year raffle to help small shelters

[email protected]


 NoToDogMeat is the official campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade worldwide on behalf of the UK registered charity 1154524 World Protection For Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade



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