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This photo was chosen by me because it serves as a reminder of all the things I love about this country. The men and women who have fought in the wars throughout the years have done so in order that we might enjoy the freedom to visit these places without having to worry about who might be watching or what could happen if we were some place the government didn't want us to be. My father served in World War Two, my uncle in the Korean War (he died in that war) and my husband served in the Vietnam. Two of these wars were unpopular and the men who fought and those who died received little or no recognition for their efforts. I believe that all service people must be honored for the very fact that they answered the call to keep our freedom secure and to help in the freedom of others. Realizing first that Vietnam was a war which we lost, we also won in that the call to fight was honored by those who served. My husband was treated horribly when he came home, by his family and by those who said they were his friend. To this day he wrestles with the memory of some of his friends who served with him and perished or were held as POW's and in the knowledge that hardly anyone, with the exception of the families of those who perished, cared. The war memorial in Oregon was erected to honor all our military personnel and to destroy it would be a slap in the face to those who it honors. We must always hold these people in that place of highest recognition and regard and we must never fail to give our full support and loyalty in remembrance of their service.

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