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2014 is The Year of the Horse!

2014 is an important year, known as the Year of the Horse! Let's work together to make this the year we "protect to preserve" our wild horses and burros, as well as find ways to keep all horses from the troubling and heinous practice of slaughter.
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Based on the Chinese calendar, 2014 will be the Year of the Horse. What's in store for the New Year? This year's winter solstice gave birth of the Year of the Horse - a year full of true spirit, grit, determination, vitality and endurance. 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse -- or, the Year of the Green Horse, being that Wood is the element of spring, when ...plants have their new growth. And, in the Five-Element Cycle (Wood to Fire to Earth to Metal to Water to Wood), Wood comes just before Fire and so has a favorable relationship with it. Put Wood on Fire and get a big blaze. Put all of this together and it looks like the year element Wood will be lucky for the Horse in 2014! For those who like to follow… according to the ancient Zodiac, this could mean either experience a lot of lucky breaks, or at the very least, luck could soften the blows. In other words, bad luck may occur but at a minimum -- if at all. Which can mean taking more chances than one normally would. Strike out in new directions with more confidence. Make a major change in your life. One caution: Horse energy is sometimes about fools rushing in where wise men fear to tread. Yes, luck is here, but apply due diligence, with a little common sense and pick the best times to act.

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