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We have SUCCESS!!

It's been a long hard road. I want to thank so many of your for taking the pledge for calling your US Senators and House Representatives. One of the items we have been working so hard to fight is finally coming true. Just a reminder, soldiers and veterans are legally separate from civilians. This means even our family law is required to be under Titles 10 and 38 of the federal code. Obviously if an issue for a soldier or veteran has nothing to do with being a soldier it falls under civilian code. However, as soon as there is any connection to their being in the military it becomes a matter of the federal laws for soldiers and veterans.  

That said the Federal Government relies heavily of the states to follow the laws and do what is best. The new language is placed out as a warning to a Judiciary who has been punishing soldiers for working for doing their duties to protect this country.

Child custody has been a very difficult issue and is one of the connected primary reasons for the high suicide rates. This is not the only one and we are continuing to deal with those. But TODAY, we celebrate this as a success. The President has signed into law that our soldiers should not have the custody of their child taken away because of a previous, current or possibility of a future deployment.  

When these soldiers come home, they can rest a little easier knowing their children will be there to greet them. Thank you to everyone for all of your support. Please come by and help support  the rest of the causes and issues we face. Your signatures, your calls to congress, YOUR VOICES are what makes all this possible.

Petition - http://www.causes.com/ProtectVeteranBenefits

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The language added to the law.  


It is the sense of Congress that State courts should not consider a military deployment, including past, present, or future deployment, as the sole factor in determining child custody in a State court proceeding involving a parent who is a member of the Armed Forces. The best interest of the child should always prevail in custody cases, but members of the Armed Forces should not lose custody of their children based solely upon service in the Armed Forces in defense of the United States.

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