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its very sad news to share:
Nepal govt. has requested to our govt that they are facing acute shortage of milk., & to overcome from situation they need 10000 Cows from us. Our govt acceped it & confirmed to Export Cows to Nepal. This is pre-fabricated conspiracy to open the route of 'legalise export' of Cows on the name of milk for BEEF. Once Export is Legalise, then on the name of milk GOVT will continue to send Cow again & again. Who has control once it exported. India is exporting milk & milk powder across globe. if Nepal need milk, let us export MILK OR MILK POWDER, why COW? if someone needs some commodity, they can buy it, Can anyone sell the resource? This is knee jerk move for cattle population...It's 'death warrant' for our 'Gaumata'. Bull, Bullock, bufflo all will exported once export of live cattle start.... This has to b protested & prevented by any means. 10000 cows will deliver merely 60,000 ltrs milk. Will it satisfy the ACUTE SHORTAGE of Nepal? No, never! This is nothing but move to export live cows to Bangladesh & many countries before losing election, govt is seems to complete its terrible missions of plundering our wealth & glory. Please forward to all & protest with tooth & nail..!!!JAI GAU MATA.


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