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A Wonderful Way to End the Year

2013 has been a year full of milestones for Embrace! Back in February we celebrated the first birthday of Baby Long, the first child to use an Embrace warmer in China.

Abandoned at birth and severely hypothermic, Long survived thanks to thirty days in the Embrace warmer and the loving care of our partner Little Flower Orphanage

Shortly after we celebrated Long's first birthday, we received a heart-stopping email from an incredible woman named Charlene Dow: "I loved your post in February, celebrating Long's first birthday. We have a pre-approval to adopt him and hope to travel to Bejing this summer to bring him home. We are so grateful for your organization and the role you played in saving Long's life." 

We've stayed in touch with the Dow family since that time, and were thrilled when Baby Long was officially adopted in August.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the family at their home in Chicago. Long, who now goes by the name of Nathan, is absolutely thriving in his new environment. His big brother and big sister dote upon him. His parents are simply extraordinary people, and have devoted themselves to his care. It was an honor and a joy to spend time with this beautiful family.

The Dow family recently shared these holiday photos with us and I can think of no better way to end this year. 

Nathan has overcome so many challenges in his young life, and still has to undergo continuous medical treatment and physical therapy. But he has also been blessed with the love of his miraculous family, by the support of so many who care about him- and most of all, by his own remarkable resilience and strength.

Thank you for helping Embrace to reach low birth weight and premature infants like Nathan. We look forward to many more miracles and milestones in the year to come.-

 Erin O'Donohue, Executive Director, Embrace

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