Update #16 ·

Happy Holidays

The family and friends of Kyam Livingston campaign want to thank all of you for signing our petition and showing your support for our cause, which is to see that those responsible for her unjust and untimely death be held fully accountable and that there be improvements made to the callous treatment and inhumane conditions in Brooklyn central booking.

If you haven't already please visit our page  on Causes.com so you can see footage of our last rally in Kyam's memory and witness a heartfelt holiday message from Ms. Anita Neal, the mother of Kyam Livingston.

Finally, in January 2014 we will be hosting community speakout where people from all over Brooklyn and NYC can come to share their testimony of their experience in the NYPD's pre-arraignment holding cells with elected officials, community activists and advocates.  We hope those in the NYC area will attend. More details will be posted up about this event in the near future.

Best wishes and may each of you have a safe and happy new year,


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