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Pancake Needs Our Help

He is 2 yrs old and was born with a brain condition called Hydrocephalus (water on the brain or cerebral spinal fluid putting pressure on the brain). This condition is causing him to have seizures, and it's progressing.

He needs to be seen by neurologist again as the medicine prescribed was giving bad side effects, and he continues to experience seizures.

Pancake was also diagnosed with Pasturella at a young age and has been treated for abscesses in the past which resulted in teeth being removed.
Due to his remaining teeth having severe dental malocclusion, he requires dental trimmings every 2-3months and depends on critical care food.

Pancake is a part of his family who loves him very much, but due to financial hardship, he really needs our help.

Please keep Pancake in your prayers and share his page, if you would like to help him, no amount is too small.

You many donate directly to the Vets office

Dr. Lightfoot
Blue Pearl 813-933-8944
Owner's name Delia Canas c/o Pancake.

Dr. Diaz
Lake Howell Animal Clinic / ask for Courtney, Owner's name Delia Canas c/o Pancake.

Paypal (please donate as a Gift) email address: [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support,

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue

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