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I'm a Vietnam veteran I did serve when the country call me to serve I did it without reservation I put my life in harms way because my country needed me,it was my turn to pay for the liberties that I had enjoyed during my life.
I did know that if anything was to happens to me the country will never turn they back on me that was the promice that we were told.,and now the politician that had never serve in harms way they want to break that promise
Because they don't know the hardship that we went through in the jungle day in day out.,and this is the way our politician are thanking us,we pay the price for you,so that you could stay in the comfort of your house while we were fighting your dirty war away from our family and friends,and now you want to cut our hard earned benefits,benefits earned with sweat and blood
our blood not yours,so think it over before you cut our benefit because when you get involve in another war the young generation is going to remember what you did to us and what do you think it is going to happens are they going to fight your war we'll I guess that you are going to have to fight your dirty war on your own.

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Please SHARE this on and off the internet. Pentagon Proposes Plan to Close Military Commissaries And PXs. Story at: Please Call and keep Calling your members of Congress and tell them to stop this disgraceful move against American troops, military retirees and disabled…

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Please SHARE this with as many concerned Americans as you can... Pledge to Cut Congressional Benefits Before Cutting Veterans Benefits Besides keeping our freedoms, Americans must protect the rights and benefits of OUR Military and Veterans. Pentagon May Cut Military, Retiree And Vet Benefits

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