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If you haven't read the petition yet, please check this out :) -Skyler

As many of you are aware by now, SHINee's Jonghyun has recently come to openly support LGBT and women's rights, which was a very brave and noble thing of him to do considering the majority of South Korea's view on such matters.
People who used to be a fan of all five members of SHINee have started a petition to have Jonghyun removed from the group, and regardless of if their plan has any chance at a success, we as true fans, and as fellow human beings need to reach out and stand up for what is right.
This is my message to those who have created the petition:
How would you feel if you were shunned and discriminated against for just being who you are? Would it be right for a person to hurt you because of how you are born? Of course not.
People have a hard time accepting differences in this world, and can be quite cold and cruel about it.
Jonghyun has done something very brave in standing up for the people who typically live on the bottom, the ones who are hurt everyday, and are never truly fine.
So I ask you, how is it ok for you to attempt to put out the flame of hope he's stirring in people? He's doing something good, and you're trying to crush it with hatred and misunderstanding.
Quoting Jonghyun himself, "Differen't doesn't mean wrong."
and we are all different. Do you know any two people who are the same? Should we all try to fit into a mold, and act like we have no differences?
It isn't even human to consider such a thing. Being different is part of our nature, and to try to persecute that makes you less of a person yourself.
Please open up your hearts, and see this through the eyes of people who are tormented by people who make actions such as the thing that you are trying to do.
It hurts.

I am not forming this petition because I believe you will succeed, but because I want Jonghyun to know that we are on his side, and that we have his back. That we won't stand by and let somebody cause him and other people unnecessary pain.
Jonghyun is a good man, and I applaud him for what he's done. We all should


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